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Puppy Application


Email Address*


Phone Number*

Have you ever owned a dog before?*

Do you have children?*

If yes, what are their ages?

Does anyone in your family have allergies or asthma?*

If yes, please explain

Do you have a fenced in yard?*

What generation goldendoodle do you prefer?*

Have you ever surrendered a dog to a shelter? *

If yes, please explain.

We require all of our puppies to be spayed/neutered . Is this acceptable to you?*

Please tell us about your family and anything you think we should know about your preference of a goldendoodle..*

Puppy Contract

Riverstone Puppies Puppy Contract/Bill of Sale


The seller guarantees this puppy to be free of Parvo, Distemper, Coronavirus and Parainfluenza at the time of purchase. No vet expenses will be reimbursed by the seller for any treatment of ear infections, parasites or internal infections. If found to be unhealthy within (7) days, the puppy will be replaced by another puppy of comparable value when available or you will receive a refund of the purchase price of the puppy (This does not cover shipping/delivery fees). This does not cover buyer’s remorse. The buyer has (14) fourteen days from delivery date _____________________ to get the puppy to the vet.


Seller guarantees the puppy/dog against any inheritable/genetic defects, which would cause death, for ONE (1) year from date of birth. If any terminal illness is detected, and is not treatable, the seller will first replace same type of puppy. This does not include the temperament of the puppy/dog, landlord’s disapproval; allergy to puppy/dog, disagreeing of family members, or for any other reason the puppy/dog is not wanted. Seller makes no guarantee regarding loss of the puppy/dog due to accidental death, theft, sickness, etc., or any other loss beyond seller’s control. If the puppy/dog develops any inheritable/genetic defect, that would cause death, within twelve (12) months from the date of birth, buyer may return the puppy/dog to seller for a replacement puppy of equal value or refund of the purchase price of the puppy (This does not cover shipping/delivery fees). All shipping expenses will be paid by the buyer. If the pup/dog dies, the buyer must inform the seller immediately and the dog must be able to be produced, with a vet statement, upon the seller’s request. The seller is not responsible for refunding the shipping cost, veterinarian bills, or any other bills acquired. In order to receive a new puppy, or a refund, a letter from the examining veterinarian must be provided as evidence of the puppy’s terminal illness. The seller has the right to have veterinarian re-examine the puppy at the seller’s cost to confirm illness. Any diagnosis of hip dysplasia must be substantiated by the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals).

The following must be true in order for a puppy to be replaced.

a. All shots are and have been kept current. Shot records must be provided to seller.

b. Puppy appears to be healthy and well cared for.

c. This dog is sold as a pet only. Spay/neuter is required within 6 months of birth.

Seller has the right to have a second veterinarian evaluate the puppy before the warranty will be honored. This guarantee is non-transferable. Should Buyer relinquish ownership in the puppy/dog, for any reason, guarantee shall be deemed null and void.


The agreement between the buyer and seller is in regards to the following dog:

BREED:_________________ DATE OF BIRTH: _________ SEX: ______

PURCHASE PRICE:____________

SIRE: __________________ DAM: __________________________

X_______________________________________ Seller

X_______________________________________ Buyer

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